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  1. FLuiD

    MG FY_ Map Event!

    you love to see it
  2. FLuiD

    The Return...

    Time to dunk on some goons
  3. im a loner now bois, see you in the next life

  4. where u been :(

  5. FLuiD

    go through my profile and request to join the group admins whose name begin with f

  6. Where you been at cuz?

  7. it's nice to have a central group that's specifically for upping population randomly on servers where you know a certain subgroup of close members are going to join with you and it will be an enjoyable few hours. I remember when it was created and it worked nicely for a while, people just kind of stopped using it as there was never a whole lot of active people in it
  8. you like taking risks? cuz u might just find urself in a pickle come 3hrs 59mins
  9. Sorry I missed it At least no one will beat my 4 hour time tho ayy
  10. tana

    i miss u lil bitch

  11. FLuiD

    We need clarification

    Currently, neither Roux nor I feel like the GOTV server is a good alternative. Our main issue is that players join the Scrim server in order to both spectate AND try to join in the next game. We are concerned, similarly to strictly first-to-load first-serve, that being able to play on the scrim server would become an internet race so to speak. The same people who load in slow would always be left out as they try to leave the TV server and join scrim. Also, given the fact there's a delay, players who are close friends with those playing on the server may have an advantage in that they would be told exactly when the game has ended. Additionally, if we could find a sensible and easy-to-follow rule for priority, it would remove the conflicts that arise anyways. This is why, for now, we have decided that the winners of a previous game will earn priority for the next (guaranteed a spot should they want it). This should give people who've been waiting a chance to play and rotate more players out, it will hopefully encourage captains to pick the best players (a roundabout way of balancing teams), and those who load in slow have a chance to keep their spot. Though it's certainly not perfect, we feel this is a good compromise but are open to criticism if it's taken poorly. Lastly, we will be removing the ability for players to reserve slots for others. Our reasoning for this is mainly that it contradicts the first-come first-serve implementation and should prevent conflicts in which someone joins the server expecting a slot, despite the fact people already joined a team because they were patient enough. note: this doesn't mean that if you lose you can't play the next game, rather you'll be treated the same as all the other players wanting to hop in the next game
  12. I intend on trying to repopulate the server like I was doing for a while now that I'm back, so hopefully you can look forward to that
  13. Black Rain [05/04, 19:54]

    Attention all users: please go to fluid's profile and call him a lil bitch