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Music while you sleep?

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This post is kind of fueled by lack of sleep and a lot of caffeine but do you listen to music while you go to sleep. And if so what kind of music(or song if it's just one) do you listen to?

My go-to is Exist by avenged seven fold(A7X)

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Every Drake album past Views. /s



There's a few options I use for music when I sleep, mostly to swap it up or whatever. Frequent ones are just as listed, and these are off the top of my head so there's probably more?


C418 - Life Changing Moments Seem Minor in Pictures

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Traverse Town and Twilight Town themes from Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 3.

Jazz from the Yakuza games


EDIT: Also throwing in Lilycove City from the Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire remakes, and an hour mix of lofi remixes from the games.


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got more!
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