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I was wrong in ITT. Have had more experience and education since then. People should stay away from weed when:


  • young(prolly younger than 25).
  • when dealing with mental illness.
  • operating vehicles/heavy machinery.
  • if they have bad reaction(paranoia) or predisposition to addiction.


Otherwise it's okay and people should have access to a safer more open-market with good quality control. People being exposed to under dosed, mislabeled shit from someone's basement is silly.  SG would be a much nicer place to be around if we subsidized 10mg edibles and that's just a fact. 

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Medicinal properties are huge so legalize for medicinal federally no matter what. I think the vast majority of ppl agree on that.


What I don't agree with the state's medicinal programs is having the sketchiest motherfuckers sell it, as you said, this market is a shit hole. Make it federally allowed or whatever the hell they want so PHARMACISTS can actually distribute it and start allowing medical studies with federal grant money.


For recreational it's far better to abuse weed than alcohol IMO but I have my doubts people will substitute it they'll probably just end up doing both.

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In terms of drugs, weed is among the safer if you choose to do that in life. I won't encourage the use to anyone, but if you have a doctor perscribe it to you for a medical reason, then all the reason to do it.


I've used weed on and off since probably age 17 (I am 21 now)? Nowadays I usually just stick with 10-15mg edibles some nights. If you choose to use recreationally please be safe, know who you're buying from, and don't use it to cope with your problems. That's how you develop a dependency. 


As @jazzytouched on as well, a lot of people do and are tempted to crossfade. I heavily, heavily reccomend against it as anytime I've done it it feels good for about 30 minutes and then you feel like shit. Don't mix your subtances, and obligatory don't do it if you'll get in a legal trouble doing it. 

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On 10/11/2022 at 8:38 PM, All Ts said:

when dealing with mental illness.


On 10/11/2022 at 8:38 PM, All Ts said:

if they have bad reaction(paranoia) or predisposition to addiction.

These two reasons often get overlooked, using marijuana can often bring out mental diseases such as anxiety and paranoia to those who are predisposed. If you are prone to anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, etc. marijuana use may amplify the severity or speed up development in some people. 





I am not trying to demonize weed, but I am just trying to bring awareness to the things that can come with using marijuana. I have friends that can't even make it through the day without smoking at least an eighth a day, and get psychological withdrawal symptoms without it.

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