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  1. @ThatTamer Just wait until they find out what I call you
  2. Bump, event is today
  3. we should reset points
  4. :lulu: This is my art submission, his name is LuLu. Everyone, say hi to LuLu
  5. Picking up the Dual Berettas are NOT KOS, it is only kos if the prisoner presses the invisible button to trigger the secret, or if they hold the pistols out/shoot/reload them, since it is a secondary.
  6. come back to jb, miss you man

  7. o7 canada man

  8. One thing I feel I should add on is, it is recommended for you to include longer clips for player complaints, preferably from the start of the round until the freekill/rulebreak. It makes it easier for our CAs to understand the situation and punish accordingly.