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  1. I don't see much of a problem here, whenever a CT accepts an LR, they should read up in chat to see if the T states any rules. Putting LR rules in chat leads to less conflicts because you can see if the T said it before or after the LR started, while in voice chat, it is harder to tell when they said it or even if they said it. Changing the rules to make chat LR rules invalid won't do us any good. A lot of the times when the T says "First shot" in voice chat, it is easy to miss, especially if the T says it fast.
  2. Personally, I don't think the CT health boost is op. I think that the Ts are actually op, they can have a gun and stack in each other and the CTs cant to anything except to tell them to unstack. Anyone who plays both sides should be able to see where I am coming from. Often times, the Ts win the round, especially when there is 1 CT left, this is why health boost was implemented in the first place, sure its annoying when you do 150 damage to a CT who used ctbuy menu mid fight, but understand that the menu is to try and help the CTs enforce. If anything, I think the last CT should automatically get 135 hp once their teammate dies to give the CT a chance to regain control of the prison, but this will interfere with the current LR plugin by giving the CT 135 hp when in an LR and their teammate dies. Or we can give a CT health when they get a kill, but this will be abused and lead to many many problems. I know this thread is about the CTs being op, but I think that the Ts are the ones that are op. Generally, things are balanced in my experience. Edit: Buffing the health-shot to give the CT 135 hp and removing health-boost doesn't sound like a bad idea to me.
  3. I like this new idea, but the CAs and SMs sometimes don't have as much playtime as some of our regs and JA/SA admins. This would mean that getting accepted would be more exclusive, which I like. Having CAs and SMs vote on admin apps would make sure that the applicant is suitable for admin better than a reg. Plus, restricting admin app replies would lead to less unwanted and off-topic responses. Overall, I think its a good idea.
  4. Your pfp makes me rethink my life

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      Mf is not able to breath

  5. I don't see much CTs falsely killing Ts for blatant disobey when they are just not following orders. Blatant disobey is one of those things that is not definite and takes experience on JB to understand. You could use every word in the dictionary and there will still be a blurry line between not following orders and blatant disobey. In my opinion, blatant disobey is when a T disregards the order to the point where they are tying to hide or get to a secret, completely derailing the CTs focus on the other Ts. Changing the definition wouldn't do much besides rewording it. I honestly don't see much of a problem here, this is just like how CTs give warning shots for minor reasons. As Error said, JB regulars like to abuse loopholes and skirt around the rules. As admins, it it our job to interoperate the rules and handle the situation accordingly and to educate the regs on the rules. Strict measures might be used to ensure that the CTs understand the explanation of blatant disobey. Edit: I think this has to do more with admins not paying enough attention rather than CTs being strict. I will try and do better to educate the JB community on blatant disobey. But Dom and ZZL are way smarter than me, so I think they would come up with a better solution than me.
  6. What will the CT to T ratio be? 1:3, 2:5? Or will we adjust as the event progresses?
  7. I agree with kuri, it is absolutely overkill to warning shot a T by headshotting for 90+ damage. Warning shots should be given as a little push to get the Ts in check. Ever since the event started, everyone started going try-hard in JB, making it too competitive and not fun. Also, many people started leaving the server today, myself included. These nazi warning shots are affecting our server population negatively. The problem is that the CTs give strict orders with minimal room for failure. Then if you mess up, BOOM 90+ damage to you. I hope we can find a solution that interests the Ts as well as the CTs alike. Nerfing the p90 will force CTs to use other weapons that do 90+ dmg, as 20 scrolls stated. (I am against nerfing anything) Below are my proposed solutions. Solution 1: Make a rule against giving headshot warning shots, punishable by slay or a verbal warning. At least until the event is over. (Kuri's idea) Solution 2: Make a rule against giving strict orders, having the Ts be frozen, crouched and knifing the ground for no reason is ridiculous, we have a freeze order for a reason, why make the prisoners miserable? This isn't real prison. Only the last CT should be able to give that order.
  8. Event was a success, I wouldn't mind having a similar event in the future! Thank you to everyone that could make it!
  9. Hello, I along with "TT" have discovered a bug with the plugin that prevents players from taking damage after the round ends Clip:
  10. This is for the CTs that like to order the Ts to freeze via chat when everyone is talking over eachother. Nobody is looking at chat all the time for a ct to type "all ts freeze"
  11. As we all know, chat orders suck. We should have a plugin where CTs can type !freeze or !f in chat and a message pops up on everyone's screen to order them to freeze, similar to !repeat. I feel that having a plugin for freeze orders would be a huge upgrade. Commands would look like: !tfreeze !f !tf EXAMPLE: