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  1. o7 canada man

  2. One thing I feel I should add on is, it is recommended for you to include longer clips for player complaints, preferably from the start of the round until the freekill/rulebreak. It makes it easier for our CAs to understand the situation and punish accordingly.
  3. Each gang is supposed to be a unique and exclusive gang, bumping the gang slots will result in there being 1 or 2 full gangs. As a result, this gang system will ultimately discourage players from participating in gangs, since there will be super-gangs now, and then the server population would suffer. Also, people will see this as Pay-to-win because you can basically pay for more gang members, and we wouldn't want that, it makes population go down and we would never want supporters to have a competitive advantage over regular players.
  4. Easterpink

    special orders

    Poke and cnb has worded this very well, giving repetitive special orders isn't allowed. Revoking special orders is allowed without being considered as conflicting orders.
  5. Hello, this topic has been brought up many times throughout the years. The fact of the matter is that it isn't possible for us to implement a plugin that bypasses auto-pickup for guns, since it is a client side convar. As for making a rule where Ts can drop the primary and not be KOS, we have decided not to do that because it would be difficult to moderate, conflicts with our current rules, and would give CTs a greater disadvantage. When a prisoner gunplants a fellow prisoner, it is considered teamkill, but we are usually lenient about it since its an accident most of the times. Thank you for being patient with your question.
  6. Easterpink

    ctbuy broken

    !ctbuy works for me as of 11:13 AM EST. @Dom probably broke it for you. !menu also brings up the ctbuy menu as well.
  7. Nice face reveal 👍🏽


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      thank chu

  8. Here I clearly have no sympathy, you’re an admin, you delayed, and you can slay this guy easy. Me and dvd made this video as a joke to post on this thread lmao