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  1. Nice face reveal 👍🏽


    1. Chad


      thank chu

  2. Here I clearly have no sympathy, you’re an admin, you delayed, and you can slay this guy easy. Me and dvd made this video as a joke to post on this thread lmao
  3. What TheZZL said

  4. This was one of the most fun events I've played. It seems simple, but I really had a ton of fun playing jb_obama and jb_dojo and jihading 5 cts at once
  5. Thank you events team!! Great work guys!
  6. It is the CTs responsibility to accept or decline LRs. Since the CTs keep declining the LR, the T shouldn't be shot, instead the CTs should give a different order to progress the round. In this situation the CT would be in the wrong, "Be in an active LR by (X time)" isn't a good order since the CTs directly affect who gets to be in an active LR. Correct me if I am wrong @Dom @TheZZL
  7. Congrats Hawks and Nano! You guys deserve it!
  8. FiveM in CSGO?! Im exited for this one boys, thank you events team
  9. We should make it so that this could be toggled on and off, not a big deal, but it'll be nice


    11 hours ago, (Chad) said:

    please dude I just want to play jailbreak

  11. how do I dislike a reply?