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Introducing some old and new faces...

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Hey everyone,


SG's kicking off the new year by announcing some more changes to our staff!


For our first promotion, we've dug up a fossil. Huwajux will be joining the team as an Administrative Officer. He was a great AO in the past and the Board has complete faith in his ability to help get things moving forward here. His responsibilities will include:


  • Verify that servers are operational
  • Reboot Dead/Lagged servers
  • Manage Player complaints/bans
  • Assist in training new admins
  • Handle admin disputes
  • Monitor the Discord server
  • Grant access rights to Discord
  • Give awards to members on request
  • Search for new maps for all servers
  • Upload maps to server and fast downloads site
  • Edit map lists and rotations
  • Issue player perma bans via request from SA's
  • Teach admins how to demo/ban/screenshot proof


Next up, we had some faulty wiring that needed fixing and found the right guys for the job. Please welcome Acer, Caido, and Phoenix_ as our newest Technical Administrators. The Board needed a few guys to help troubleshoot our technical issues by telling us to turn things off and on again - and no, not Dominic's mom this time you guys. Their responsibilities will include:


  • Fix technical issues that arise day to day (servers/site)
  • Research mods, scripts and plugin to improve our servers
  • Develop solutions to improve our servers/mods performance
  • Discover and fix exploits against our servers/sites
  • Assist in data backup operations for the communities data
  • Manage the servers, website, forums, and bansites, based on experience
  • Keep all web services up to date and functional
  • Assist the AO/BD staff when problems arise or others are on vacation


To conclude this thread, we decided that we're going to be discontinuing the Junior Technical Administrator rank effective immediately. Our TA's are already granted certain access based on what is necessary for their work, so we felt simplifying things was the best move to make.


Congratulations to everyone! @Huwajux@Acer @Caido @Phoenix_

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