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The addition of the "fart grenade" to Garry's Mod Trouble in Terrorist Town is a creative and unconventional idea that can bring unique gameplay experiences. While it may not be for everyone, here are some reasons why you might consider adding a "fart grenade" to GMod TTT:


Surprise and Disruption: The inclusion of a fart grenade adds an unexpected and disruptive element to the gameplay. It can catch players off guard, creating humorous and chaotic situations that break the monotony of regular gameplay.


Environmental Manipulation: A fart grenade can introduce a new environmental factor, with the lingering gas cloud affecting visibility and movement. This adds an additional layer of strategy and decision-making as players navigate around or through the gas cloud.


Comedy and Humor: Fart-related humor can bring laughter and amusement to players. It provides a light-hearted and entertaining experience, creating memorable moments and fostering a fun atmosphere during gameplay.


Distraction and Deception: Fart grenades can serve as a distraction tool, diverting attention away from players' actions or objectives. Traitors can use them strategically to create confusion and misdirect suspicion, enhancing their deceptive gameplay.


Roleplaying Opportunities: Some players enjoy engaging in comedic and playful roleplaying scenarios. The inclusion of a fart grenade allows for humorous interactions, banter, and comedic improvisation, adding variety to the roleplaying aspect of the game.


Customization and Server Differentiation: GMod is known for its extensive customization options. Adding a fart grenade allows server owners to differentiate their servers from others and cater to a specific player base that appreciates unconventional and comedic elements. It can help attract a niche audience and create a unique server experience.


Community Engagement and Discussion: Introducing a unique and unconventional feature like a fart grenade can spark discussions, engagement, and even community creations. It may inspire players to share their experiences, create mods or addons related to fart grenades, and contribute to the overall community enthusiasm.


@Elfbarf this is why you should add a fart grenade, ur move

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3 hours ago, Bondairy said:

  Elfbarf definitely has a fart fetish if he's liking all these posts... wtf...

Your mom farts on me every night

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