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  1. Regarding events, I hear in the meeting that we create events for games that are popular.... Why are we not trying to fill already established servers? Having people go away from established servers is counter intuitive? How do you grow a community without playing on servers that are there everyday? Having a fun GTA event is cool but it doesn't attract new players. I understand keeping things fresh for people who already stay but this community's problem is staying stagnant and not growing. You aren't going to grow if you make an event away from the main community that the general public of players can't get to, no? Not trying to hate on that team, but we talked about it during the meeting and I just feel like the focus is all wrong with events in general in my opinion.
  2. Back in the day I think we had 2 ZE severs that were constantly full and in the CSS days I think we were the #1 servers. We also, had 2 JB servers that were good but not as highly rated.
  3. To answer your question: 1. The choice of SSD v HDD will change how your system performs. I'm of the opinion unless you're doing data hoarding or servers there isn't really a reason you should be looking at a HDD. SSDs are faster, are not as loud as HDD, more reliable, and smaller. 2. If you want the best of the best, most reliable. There is no contest, Samsung - No other manufactures come close to speeds and reliability. I have a 120 gig SSD that I've owned as has been my OS drive for like 8 years and never had a single issue. My Rec: https://www.amazon.com/SAMSUNG-Portable-SSD-1TB-MU-PC1T0T/dp/B0874XN4D8/ref=sr_1_3?crid=7FNTY1C57VL2&keywords=External+Samsung+ssd&qid=1661904699&sprefix=external+samsung+ss%2Caps%2C108&sr=8-3 RIP: Didn't see the date this was posted lol.
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  6. Question since I have been absent from this community since I've stepped down: 1. How many of you have even played on any of the servers in the last month? 2. Why does SG pay for all these dead servers. Why not take down all the failing servers (Just guessing squad and rust are probably dead 24/7) and focus on the existing or up and coming. Some of these servers never have anyone playing and cost money, so what's the point of keeping them up? I may be missing something here, but it just seems like a waste. Also, I know Noob suggested it, but for those legends who still play games and occasionally check up on SG why not give admin to those players to give them an incentive to come back? I'm not talking full powers, but maybe to the degree of CA abilities? (If they are still the same as they were back in the day). As far as I'm aware, that's always how it was done, and suddenly, it is changed. Also, not sure if @delirium deleted his post; if not, why was it taken down? I feel like it was a valid point about leadership. Closing thought: Look I know I've been gone for a few years and don't have the inside knowledge of what the higher-ups are doing or what changes have been going on, but I don't want to see a community that we've all spent so much time in go away like many others like it. Something has to change drastically, or nothing will get better. I'm aware that I don't have any specific suggestions or ideas that are new or drastic, but I felt like putting my thoughts out there. Just my perspective.
  7. I mean maybe if you played a more crucial role your rank wouldn't have been reset. At least that's what I've been hearing.
  8. @Bread @matt Remeber the OG Karaoke
  9. I don't know about everyone else but this video is trash and doesn't actually start until ~2:06 before then its just the guy advertising and begging for money. Second, I don't think this game is even close to the most violent games I've seen. How far games go in terms of what? Violence? Like I said this is hardly violent compared to a lot of other things out right now.
  10. I don't have a clue as to what the per-server cost is but I'd imagine its a decent hike from what it costs now.
  11. Shits expensive and it's JB not competitive.
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