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[QoTD] Question of The Day 06/13/2023

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My STI, just posted a new cover photo and there's a few in discord I think. 2008 GRB|STI imported from Japan so 2L twin scroll rocket ship boosting 22+ psi around 6k, reaching         8+ psi before 3k. has a full HKS hot side with catted downpipe to a silent hi power titanium exhaust. she's a great time and not too loud as to catch the wrong attention when she is revving out. HKS cold air intake with fabricated cold box plumbed in through the factory intake scoop as well as through the bottom of the bumper, ducted through a cut hole to the bottom of the box, to a factory intake manifold. short shifter aswell, DCCD is a dream  come true, must say shes fun in the wet.


My jobs pretty cool too, tree climbing, I climbed some dead conifer's today they were probably 15 meters so 50 ft. I went up and took the branches off on the way, put a scarf and wing cuts in, then back cut it and sent it. set up a mainline came down and took the tops out of the other 4 smaller trees and then chogged the wood down in 3m lengths for all 5 poles, the largest being large enough you could only just touch finger tips.

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