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Twitch streaming - Damon

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Hey Gamers,

Figured I'd do a little bit of a shady self promo here. Don't kill me.

I've recently gotten some more time on my hands and have dabbled into streaming.
Currently I do a lot of streams of TF2 Classic, L4D2 and Fall Guys.

I'm almost at my goal to reach the first milestone of twitch affiliate (where I can get subs and emotes)

and would love it if a few of you guys could hit me with a follow on twitch.

Hey maybe you'd like to stick around, who knows 😛


Here's the link: https://www.twitch.tv/damontvv

See you guys there!


// Damon

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21 hours ago, Poke said:

when is the dota stream

Hopefully pretty soon! Just gotta gotta plan some fun heroes to play and it'll be lit for sure.

Yeah hammer 2 stream would be lit too. I should get some more practice in though, keep on mapping in l4d2 these days....


Also, thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday it was a great time. Roddy even got me playing some wild among us copy.

Next stream is on Wednesday, hope I see you guys there!


Bonus clip:


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It just runs in the SG family I've heard. We're all sexy beasts.


Just unlocked Subs and Emotes btw!

Appreciate all the support. Really cool!


Yeah you guys gotta make sure I stay on track and do my workouts. Can't be caught slackin'.

Hopefully I can now setup channel point rewards with pushups and other fun stuff.

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