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It has been qouted by Nas, one of the greatest rappers of all time, saying that hiphop is dying due to all the bad artists and rappers out there. Is this true do you think? I think so, we need more classical style rappers, not the freestyle crap, cuz ya you can think of some new words to A Milli, but they dont mean a goddamn thing.

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Hasn't been a big UK rap/hiphop scene for a while now, RnB is much bigger over here, and pop is making a comeback.


In the Uk its the indie scene which is overloaded with identikit bands and is due for a sharp decline. Dance/Electropop is on the rise though :)

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rap has been dead for a while if you ask me..


question though, why the FUCK would you EVER put the phrase "pop/hiphop" together? they are nothing alike


to answer your question in full, yes, hip hop is, pop will never die.

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question though, why the FUCK would you EVER put the phrase "pop/hiphop" together? they are nothing alike


You know what pop music stands for? Okay, I think we will do a facepalm for you then..


Pop music, as in popular music, started because of genres going, what people tend to call, mainstream.. It has since the 90's been seen as a genre in its own, but none the less, it is still the word counting for the mainstream music.. The last couple of years, the mainstream music has been hiphop and rap - therefor; hiphop & rap = pop music (AS WELL!!)..


There were times where you had to have just SOME sort of TALENT to break through in the music business, but as times passed by, more dollars flew under the bridge and instead of being an art, music (and in particular pop, poprock, rap and hiphop) became a money machine..

Of course, musicians (as well as writers, actors, painters, etc) should have money for their work so they can survive, IF THEY ARE GOOD ENOUGH! The good ones will earn more than the not so effective/lucky/skilled ones - you see that in every business.. If you do better than the rest of the people in the banking world, you might some day become the boss and earn the big cash! And why is that? Because YOU are better at certain jobs than everyone else (YEH, GO CAPITALISM, BURN COMMUNISM!)..


The thing is, the music business evolved into, well, really - the same! We, as consumers, didnt put as high needs for new and colorful music as we'd done before.. We were also controlled by big medias like MTV and various big music companies to LISTEN to the music THEY chose! Because of that, our big interest in getting to know new kinds of music and new genres..

Can we be honest here, please? How similiar are the different kinds of popmusic we hear today? Lil Wayne, black rapper, 50 Cent, another black rapper, Lady Gaga, FloRida, Timberlake, Timbaland, Lily Allen, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, SoulJa Boy, NeYo, Rihanna - and the list goes on.. With the big glasses on - how different are those from each other??


On to the general question - I don't think it is dying, I think it is evolving.. Hopefully to something better!

Lets take a relatively recent example.. Grunge (yes, as in Kurt Cobain and Nirvana if you want to refer) has its glory time in the 90'ies and then more or less died from the public scene.. I feel it is really comming back again the latest years.. Staind, Seether, The Killer And The Star, Ting Tings, The Fray, The Killers etc.. I honestly, and personally, think that those bands has a deep connection to what we saw in the late 80'ies and through the 90'ies..

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