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Hey, i was thinking about buying a G35 headset, but idk if i should get it. All the reviews are good, but then PingPong said it was uncomfortable on your head after a while (few hours) a while back while playing TTT. Has anyone ever owned/owns this headset?



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I've used this headset for the past 7~ months, wearing it, at times, for the entire day. Works great for me. But much frustration comes from "headset hair" that it gives me after wearing it all day.

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I own this headset too. Pretty much the same as what MPQC said. I dont know why pingpong said its uncomfortable, because it isnt for me, maybe he just has a huge head and its tight.


Logitec have great customer supporter and most products come with a 2/3 year warrinty (dont remember) so if it breaks they'll send you a new one out for nothing.


Id give the headset a 8/10, but I cant really base this agains anything else tbh. Would just be an estimated judgement figure. Its good.

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