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SCP: Secret Laboratory Event

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What is SCP: Secret Laboratory?


SCP: Secret Laboratory is a multiplayer horror game, based on SCP - Containment Breach by Undertow Games (in 2012). To create this game, Unity engine was used to provide higher stability and more details. Still being in the beta phase, the game can contain a number of bugs and errors which are usually spotted by a large team of testers and fixed quickly after.


It is a completely free horror game based on SCP Foundation creepypasta series. The Foundation focuses on protecting the world from any entity, object or phenomenon which exceeds the all-known idea of normal.


The underground facility suffers from multiple breaches from various SCP objects which escape their containment chambers. During this events chain, players are given roles to play:


  • Class-D Personnel - Prisoners kept for a purpose of being lab rats. Their mission is to escape the facility without getting any attention from others.
  • Nine-Tailed Fox - Team designated to neutralize the danger and rescue Scientists.
  • Scientist - Breach attendant that tries to escape the facility alive.
  • SCP Object - anomaly trying to kill as many people as possible. Currently, only few SCP objects can be found in-game, but progressively their number will grow in oncoming updates.
  • Chaos Insurgency - Foundation traitors, trying to help Class D to escape in order to obtain helpful information.


The randomly generated facility and role division make every game special and full of sensations! You never know where you are heading or what awaits you behind the next door, no matter what role you are playing. The winner team is one that finished all of its objectives.


There are many ways of fighting against enemies, from using firearms to detonating the whole facility with a hydrogen bomb.


In the game, we can encounter such anomalies like:


  • SCP-173 - Living concrete sculpture that can move only when not observed, killing people by snapping opponents' necks.
  • SCP-106 - Humanoid able to walk past matter, sending its prey to its Pocket Dimension.
  • SCP-049 - Plague doctor trying to "cure" everyone he meets.
  • SCP-914 - Object improving machinery.
  • SCP-096 - "Shy Guy" who screams and goes on a rampage upon looking at him.
  • SCP-939 - A monster, which can only see if you make sound.
  • SCP-079 - Sentient AI, which tries to stay on during the breach.



When is the event?


Saturday, March 23rd - Saturday, March 30th



How do I join?


Download the game off of the Steam page found here. When you are in-game and in the main menu, refer to the following instructions to join the server:


  • Click 'Play'
  • Click 'Join Game'
  • Click 'Find Match'
  • Look for the server named '[uS EAST] STEAM-GAMERS.NET | SCP [FF OFF]'


If you are unable to find the server via the server browser page, you can always join by the IP address. Follow the instructions below to do so:


  • Click 'Play'
  • Click 'Join Game'
  • Click 'Direct Connect'
  • Type in the box labeled 'Enter IP address...'


Special thanks to @roux and @Kodiak for helping out with the banner and errors with the server respectively!


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