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Supporting SG Minecraft through in-game announcements on JB/TTT/MG/etc.

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It's an impossible predicament which is why every other MC server has failed at SG. The only solution is to bring in new players from our CS:GO servers to replace those who get tired of Minecraft.


A while back I wrote a post detailing some suggestions on how to keep the Minecraft server alive, and something that I felt would help a lot with no cost to SG is adding in-game announcements. A huge problem SG MC has always faced is the lack of new players coming in to replace old ones who are burnt out. SG Minecraft was never well-advertised beyond just the forums and word of mouth, and unlike other MC servers there is not a lot of advertisement on Planet MC, MC forums, etc. To address this problem this time around, more needs to be done in terms of advertisement like adding announcements on the server, and going out and making these posts on 3rd party sites to draw in more players.


Announcements on the other CS servers will help a lot as the average age group of these servers fits with the age group of Minecraft, and the CS servers draw in new players whereas SG MC itself does not.


Thoughts? :)

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There will be no stealing my pipsqueaks to go play with blocks :mad:





Don't listen to moon. Just advertise the Minecraft server on JB and you will probably get a lot more people playing Minecraft. This will also help Jailbreak by reducing the number of kids that want to yell on their mics. This is a win win situation.

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I don't know if it's just me but every time I get burnt out from CS:GO I go play Minecraft for a week or two, get bored, and go back to CS. I think that the two games supplement each other and advertising the MC server (the less popular one) would help a lot. I think we're all very excited to see the newest SG server get a lot bigger, and all we need is the players to fill it.

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