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Left 4 Dead 2 Vs.

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Left 4 Dead has always had a home here at SG.

It has always been a blast playing this game with SG members.

You will laugh, cry, yell, scream, maybe even have a good time.


Left 4 Dead 2 is a Co-op zombie survival.


For this event we would be playing the VS. Mode as it supports 8 players for a 4v4.

There is a way to support more than 4v4 and have 8v8 etc but that would make things more complicated and if players drop from playing makes it unfair.



The Following Maps are maps that work great with VS. Which is most of them, only a couple I've not included.

The Parish and No Mercy are the two go to maps for VS. These should be the ones to start with.

  • Dead Center
  • Dark Carnival
  • Hard Rain
  • The Passing
  • The Parish
  • No Mercy
  • Dead Air
  • Dark Harvest
  • Death Toll




Work as a team to get to the end with a better time than the other team and more players who survive more points.

The Special infected are;

  • Boomer - Puke on survivors to attract a horde of zombies, If you are killed you will explode and release an AOE Puke, Also attracting a horde.
  • Smoker- The smoker is used to pull and drag survivors away from each other, this can be used many ways. For example depending on the angle you can pull them off an edge so they hang.
  • Hunter- The hunter is a fast and powerful SI, High skilled players will be able to wall jump with added damage when they attack with speed and height. The Hunter jumps on survivors and mini-stuns survivors around the survivor who is getting jumped on.
  • Charger- The Charger can run at high speeds grabbing a survivor and running off with them. This can be used to greatly separate survivors and it can even be used to throw them off buildings. Any survivor near the survivor who is hit will get a mini-stun and a throwback.
  • Tank- The tank is a tank. Kill him as fast as you can, Fire will kill the tank after a certain amount of time and you will deal more damage when he is on fire. The Tank can hit you sending you flying into the air at great distances, He can also hit cars at you and throw rocks. He is a SI that is randomly spawned if you are doing to well or rushing.
  • Witch- The witch is a AI controlled SI, If you get to close to her and she sees you, she will insta down you. She takes a lot of damage. Skilled players know how to kill her in one hit.
  • Spitter- Like the boomer, she spits acid in a arc. This acid can block paths. The longer survivors stand in it they will take more damage. Use it on downed survivors for more damage. If she is killed, she will spill acid where she died.
  • Jocky- The jocky is a small imp like person who will jump on you. He will make it so you cannot move and he will be able to separate you from your team. Just like the Charger, he can make you fall off buildings.




L4D2 is $10 on Steam


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I don't think this was a official event but it was enjoyable , would be fun playing it again with friends.


Shame how two sluts somehow got vaginas that smell worse than rotting corpses from a video game

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