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Calling KOS on a Jihad

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So there was a heated discussion about this a while back and I faintly remember it being argued that if you know someone has a Jihad or if someone tried activating it, you could call a kos on them. Many people said you couldn't, many people said you could. If this could end, I would love to know what the answer is.

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Well I’ve never actually seen a jihad fail. I just assumed they always explode. Obviously if they fail to blow up but had the intention of killing a CT that would be KOS imo


Like delirium said, you would have to know the exact name of the person who attempted to use the jihad

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If they attempt to use the Jihad (failed or otherwise) and you know it was a specific person (i.e people arent all stacked on top of each other) I believe you are allowed to KOS that person.

@Dominic @eXtr3m3


The keyword is and. A lot of players have been spreading the rule as "or" which is false. If you know a person has jihad but they haven't used it you cannot kill them.


Im not sure what you mean by this... You mean if they type !jihad or !explode and they misspell? How else does a jihad fail?


Jihads can fail to detonate. There's a chance of it happening. AFAIK you can't kill them for mistyping !explode because it could be them just joking around.

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  • Q- Can I force a T to type the jihad command or kill them if I hear it armed? Also, can I kill them if the bomb fails to explode on me?
  • A-
    You can not force a T to type the jihad command. You would essentially be forcing them to kill themselves, which is not allowed. You can not kill them for hearing the bomb arm, however if they try to explode the bomb and charge at you with it, only for it to fail, then yes you can kill them.


The official ruling found here.


You may NOT kill a T for hearing the little *beep*, which indicates to the T that the bomb has been armed, but you may kill a T, if you hear the failed detonate sound.

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If you hear "LELELELELELELELELELELELE" and someone runs at you and nothing happens. You can kill that person. If you are gun checking people right after cell doors open and the guy right in front of you has an audible beep, you cannot kill him.


Those are the only 2 situations I can think of that you may be referring to.

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