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With Avengers: Endgame coming up, we're going to be replacing all of the models with new, Marvel themed ones. On top of that, the server will be running a 2x credit multiplier for the majority of the event, with a 3x multiplier on May 17-19th.


Adding even more spice, the player cap will be increased to 36 for the duration of the event.


I'll add each model, with a screenshot, to the bottom of the thread.



April 19 - May 19



Trouble in Terrorist Town -



HUGE thanks to @Darnias for the models, @vinyl for the banner, and @Ned for hosting this with me!




  • VIP Models: Captain Marvel, Iron Man, & Spiderman
  • Sub Models: Captain America, Black Panther, & Wasp
  • Public Models: Groot & Thor
  • Admin Model: Thanos

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Captain Marvel has breast jiggle physics, you're welcome guys.






- Special effects on these models;

Thanos = gems on fist glow in dark

Captain America = Looks depressed and dead inside

Ironman = Eyes and cyan bits on suit glow in dark

Captain Marvel = Breasts jiggle

Spiderman = Eyes and cyan bits on suit glow in dark

Wasp = Wings flap around

Black Panther = nothing

Thor = Cloak flaps around

Groot = nothing

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