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  1. Took fucking forever Good job though
  2. Cody.

  3. i miss the big bad wolf lampshade and sheep delirium picture you even added his c9 hoodie it was perfect
  4. Won't stop me from RDMing you, though.
  5. Demi

    Online names

    Demi is a real name. There would be a ton of heroin jokes and Demi Lovato jokes though, as there already are on the servers. I don't think I'd care if people referred to me as Demi irl, and it's way less strange than my actual name.
  6. OWO UWU

  7. too tall to be duffy, does dress like him though
  8. Demi

    CS:S Scrim

    I'm ready @Reid99
  9. Demi

    Best song of 2020

    Cosmic was great, the entire album was fantastic. Denzel just doesn't miss.
  10. Demi

    A Gays life

    You sure that's the game and not you?