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ttt_haunts_sg or de_haunts request

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Map Suggestion

Full map name

ttt_haunts_sg or de_haunts

Type of map


Link to map download

Additional Information

Haunts has always been a classic for TTT. Until 2018 it seems.


It's a well made map with a great theme and layout.

The size of the map is pretty big but not that big where you wont find people.




"Nobody likes the map. It's one of the most rtv'd we have"

We have a lot of new players so I see no harm in re-adding this map and see how they like it.


"Music is loud"

The sounds can be edited by the mod team.


"Map is confusing"

It really isn't.


"Rounds take too long cause of the labyrinth corridors, etc."

This can happen on any map, I do not think the "Labyrinth corridors" will be a problem.


Overall, I think this map is worth revisiting due to its layout, size and how different it is to other maps.

Screenshots attached


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the map was voted off in this thread, mainly because it wasn't well liked. Yes, I agree the map can be fixed by the modding team and whatnot but I think its best if we save this map for the Halloween season.

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This map was a server killer for good reasons. The map layout itself is way too big and all the angles on that map are pretty much long corridors. Combine that with the annoying music and dark hallways, players don't usually have the greatest time. Most rounds ended up being dragged all the way out because of the abundance of hiding spots.

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A whole year has passed, I think it's about time we give it a second chance. I always loved this map but I believe most people disliked it because of sheer size. We now how a larger population sustained for more hours of the day and have no issue playing plenty of other large maps.

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