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SG Minestrike Event

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Welcome to the first ever Minestrike event! There are two teams, CT and T. The objective for the Ts is to get the bomb planted at either site A or B. The CTs objective is to prevent the Ts from getting the bomb planted, if the bomb gets planted you can defuse the bomb and win the round. When the round starts you will have $800 dollars, you can buy a weapon of your choice. I hope to see everyone there!






April 24th, 5PM EST

Thanks to @vinyl for the banner and @Toasty for the suggestion!

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I have Titan rank on this server (I can host the player lobby, 40 players) and can set co-owner to someone with events team, they can run it...


pretty sure creten can host one and I also have titan rank so if there ever needs to be backup i'm here

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