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    I bet you watch HxH so let me just say that Nen is cool but having a "physical" representation of the powers lets the stands become so much more iconic and fun to think about. HxH also isn't exactly known for its art either (though it's great in the anime) while I love the art style in Jojo. Jojo also gets some bonus points for being the O.G... There's probably more but those are off the top of my head. When you watch JoJo’s, you’re never going to be bored, which is a true delight. As you spend time with the current protagonist’s group of friends and allies, seeing them learn to work together, trust each other, and learn how to use their offbeat powers in creative ways, even the more out-there villain plots seem intimate and understandable. The idea of a serial killer with psychic powers in a sleepy town who murders women for their hands is, on its face, completely bonkers. In terms of things that happen in the JoJo’s universe, it’s just another day. The first episodes are the weakest in the show, from there on the Author gets a hang of it. One of the best anime/manga ever, with some amazing fights and extremely unique powers. The first part is not as good as the later parts though so you should give the show 11 episodes or so to pick up. You'll never be truly happy with your life if you don't watch Jojo