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Question of the day 4/20/19

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Question of the day 4/20/19


Q: What's the most brutal trip you've ever experienced?


Aiight, so I'm a pilot so I can't go on these family trips frequently, but here's one notable one.



Okay, so I'm sitting down staring at a wall directly across from me. While I was memorized by the wall, my perception of the room changed where the room was progressively shrinking. While I was staring at this god forsaken wall, I felt like I was training my body to swallow. I could feel my saliva progress through my throat until it drops to my stomach. This cycle continued for about good 2 hours, but it felt like 15 minutes.


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My flight to Australia. It wasn't bad, it was just very long. I was awake for something like 34 hours. 2 hour flight to Toronto, 5 hour flight to Vancouver, and if I recall correctly, at 19 hours flight to Australia. I watched like 6 movies on that flight and I slept for maybe 30 minutes. It was worth it though, Australia was beautiful. I would do it again.

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Like drug trip or vacation trip? Never had any bad drug related ones aside from getting so drunk I puked.


Vacation wise probably the worst was still one of my best. I was in Ontario for a national curling tournament representing my province. I was going through a leg and knee injury, so I fought through the pain and played.


Overall it was an amazing experience, just very uncomfortable with the injury. We finished 4th overall which is something I'm very proud of.

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