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Worst Injury...

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One time I shoved this dick in your dad ass, your mom got mad and shoved it back in her ass. Now my dick is sored. Will do MRI and keep you updated.

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I tore a hamstring and scraped up pretty bad dropping into a ramp, the back of my knee was pretty bruised up and swollen after a couple days of this incident. :happyllama:

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I tried doing a wheelie on my bike, hit a bump, and fell face first into concrete. Concrete ended up pushing my front two teeth back into my mouth ripping my lips along the way. Had to go to the hospital for a few hours and have them pushed back in by force.

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When I was in 3rd grade, during recess i was playing tag and as i looked behind me i ran full sprint into a bridge in my playground. I got knocked unconscious and when i came to my friend told me i was bleeding all over the place. Had to go to the er room and get 5 staples in my head because the cut was too deep for stitches. Got a permanent scar on me scalp now.

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