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Substantial proof guideline

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One idea to improve the community would be to have a guideline one what would classify as substantial and valid proof to report someone. Like certain guidelines on what enough proof would be. Like i get having screen shots or a demo, but what in the screenshots and demos would be classified as cause for a ban. I have asked several people just to be met with just post a demo of what happened or was ignored in general

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I varies from situation to situation.

In terms of blatant hacking or mic spam, It's pretty obvious to record a video of them in the act. However, if it's something more subtle like rdming, freedamaging, or scripting, record a video of them while in their perspective (Join spec). As stated in the report, post screenshots of both of your steamid's or of their bhop stats.

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Ive read that. That doesn’t state what a bannable offense is especially for harassment. Like what classifies as enough harassment to constitute a ban?


I'm honestly unsure what would constitute as harassment, it all depends on the person who you're dealing with and how the "harassment" affects the person. I looked at your player complaint and I saw nothing going on besides people saying shoutout. I'm not here to talk about your complaint but I'll give a few examples what harassment could be:

- Making use of racial slurs in a offensive way

- Using someone's real name in a hateful way

- Obtaining personal information on someone and using it in a hurtful way

- Saying you have someone's address and you'll hurt them/family in any way

the list can go on and on.


If you're complaining about something else that really doesn't fall under this, it's not really harassment. You're on the internet, there's so many people that don't give two shits about someone's life and will throw random insults at people just to get attention and a hard on. Sometimes, people will doing annoying things just to bait people so they get pissed off (this wouldn't even be near to what harassment really is). Guess what, it worked. You got mad that you were getting kos'd in a video game and that hurt you... I'm sorry, but that doesn't fall under harassment at all. What I can tell you is that it falls under a different rule being broken instead of what you've been posting a lot lately.


I've been bullied a lot in my life, this doesn't even come near to what I've been through. My mom always told me to shrug it off and go on with your life or what the real men say, "Grow a pair and suck it up.".

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Different situations call for different punishments. We can't make a guide telling you what's worthy of a ban and what isn't, because there's so many different factors. You can use your own judgement to determine whether or not you should report somebody, but ultimately it will come down to the CA+ who does your complaint.


This isn't something we'll be doing, thanks for the suggestion though.

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