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I’m not even gonna say what I got, but if you get anything other than 1 or 9 you definitely gotta go to school. I understand the people who get one and I understand the people who get 9. The polls gonna close in a week and I’m not making it a poll where you can see who voted what just in case people roast each other lol. Also don’t be assholes, if someone got another answer don’t flame them cause there are legit reasons why people get different answers, and they’re both correct. (Just one is more correct)

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by math standards you CANNOT justify a wrong answer though. If you managed to explain a wrong answer, you don't understand the voncepts.



Judging by this twitter thread, we'll all die by 2026.

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I'm pretty sure It's 9.

The equation displays this: 6/2(1 + 2)

Parenthesis is what you would do first in this equation, 1 + 2 would equal three, a number next to a number would be a signal to multiply, keep this in mind.

So now we have the equation 6/2(3) or 6/2 x 3 after solving the equation. Now, according to PEMDAS, (Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction) When we have an equation similar to this we would answer it from left to right. (A pair of Multiplications and Division or Addition and Subtraction) So 6 divided by 2 equals 3. 3 times 3 equals 9.

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Bitch, you use fucking PEMDAS to add 1+2, then multiply that sum with 2 and then divide the product by 6 to get 1. I hope these guys aren't actually serious.



Just waking up and ALREADY getting mad because of this tweet LMAO



You can get 9 by completely ignoring PEMDAS, divide 6 by 2 to get 3, then add the 1+2 to get 3 and multiply the dividend and the sum to get 9, but you'd absolutely bomb your next math test if you do that because you're not following the basic rule of math









You apparently do parentheses first which gets you 3, then you divide first then multiply your dividend and sum to get 9. No one ever told me at school to go left to right .

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If you were taught PEMDAS the way I was, Multiply and Divide (same with Addition and Subtraction) both share their properties. Whichever one comes up first from left to right is the one you choose.


6/2(1+2) = 6/2(3) = 3(3) = 9

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I thought you always had to get rid of the () before moving on in any equation


Also your last sentence, I don't think math works like that man. One is correct and one is wrong

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