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  1. Happy Birthday Brandon

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  3. How? This order doesn't specify how to take the step. Nowhere in the rules does it say that in the absence of being told how to move, that you're restricted to running while standing. If you can add 'crouchwalk no jumping' to the end of every order that sends Ts somewhere, I think you can add 'no crouching, no jumping' at the end of 'Take a step out and freeze'.
  4. fib

    -rep didn’t come to my birthday party.

  5. Minus

    LR Plugin

    Jihad works in modes that allow you to damage the CT. Not in things like Russian Roulette. So if you picked knife fight, no other CTs can damage you except for the one your LRing while you casually use your !explode bind. Hilarious.
  6. Can I just win this one without a story? You owe me!
  7. No. Less rules, less grey areas, less conflict. Not nearly on a level of gameplay importance as compared to no detours or delays. If a CT doesn't say no jumping, at least it's a little more fun than crouch walking everywhere as per PB norm. I mean, there's nothing wrong with T's pushing boundaries, that's what they're supposed to do. Slapping a rule every time something minor shows up just seems tedious.
  8. I think the problem here is too many people would opt out if this was allowed.
  9. Minus

    PB Evaluation V2

    I agree here. Besides, CTs can offer LRs at around 4-5 and then force the remaining hold outs if they have to.
  10. I like this form of forced death games, I do hope it stays. Seems to be the best for both sides. Now if we can just start slowly phasing out crouch/shift walking...
  11. Wrong, the rules here state that even outside forced LRs, CTs still have to agree to the LR. It may suck, but that's the way it's been. That's something else entirely, and it seems it would have happened regardless of the rules in effect. If stuff like this happens, call an admin. If it happens repeatedly, post a complaint.