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  1. Might want to try running the Windows update troubleshooter or clearing the update cache.
  2. Looks great and I'm excited. Just got back into Destiny after not playing it since about a month after Forsaken. These new abilities and supers are frickn sweet, and the fact that they'll be more customizeable than the current trees make it sweeter. Games really starting to shine unlike year 1 D2. But not all that excited about the delay, what it means for future releases(as in now will all expansions be in November, if not what does that mean for the seasons and shit).
  3. Happy Birthday Brandon

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    Always get rid of parenthesis. It's 1.
  5. Minus the man the myth the legend

  6. How? This order doesn't specify how to take the step. Nowhere in the rules does it say that in the absence of being told how to move, that you're restricted to running while standing. If you can add 'crouchwalk no jumping' to the end of every order that sends Ts somewhere, I think you can add 'no crouching, no jumping' at the end of 'Take a step out and freeze'.
  7. Hope all goes well for ya Well enough for you to give me that $15
  8. If a T wins their LR, CTs can kill him. Living through an LR is not to be seen as an grant to continue LR, otherwise it wouldn't be a last request, but that's up to the discretion of the CTs alive at the time. But what new rule are you talking about?