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What will the future be like?

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I saw this video you YT and it was about what people thought what the future would be like. Reply with what you think the future will be like.. Idk what it will be like but I’am excited to see the replies I get..




Video: https://youtu.be/czr-98yo6RU

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there will be an apocalypse where humans will start to resort to cannibalism, which will turn them into zombies where we will have to start killing them and try to survive and rebuild our human race again. too bad I won't be there because I will died of old age. best of luck to you younger generation, nvm you guys will probably be too old to run away by then.

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I think the things that are considered near future are what we will be come to. For example prosthetics will become advanced or better then a normal arm soon, And then we have the net that Elon musk is making, plus hoverboards are basically a real thing now just not perfected like back to the Future. So we can expect some real amazing scientific things to unfold is the future so much so that it's pretty bafulling.

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