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I just wanted to know if it is possible if an admin app gets pretty much all SUPPORTS and it gets reapplied. Would it be possible? Like if it randomly gets reapplied for any reason.

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There are situations where this could occur in theory but it'd almost never used in practice. When running a community the best thing you can do most of the time is listen to the wants and needs of your population and cater to that.

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Randomly? Seems incredibly unlikely and unjust and this just does not occur. For specific cases we have had people get reapplies and even rejections for situations that either occurred during the apps discussion or a situation solely known by the higher ups, usually AT+ and sometimes only BD+. While I can’t speak for every app ever I know at the very least that this is how these sorts of apps recently have been closed (and there have been barely any recently).


Without calling anyone out right now we have current people in our administrative ranks who had no reapplies and was rejected due to an “outside of SG” situation. Even after this person was basically barred from even attempting receiving admin again he took the time and showed he deserves it and got what he was striving for for basically years.


This being said, no matter what situation you are in, unless you flat out cheat or go on a super temper tantrum given time and effort you definitely can get admin. Just to throw someone under the bus because I want to just look at @Strayyz daug, I mean wtf lol

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