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Dauntless is a new *free* game out on PC, PS4, ane XBOX One that fosters a team based, hack and slash that pits you and your team against monsters.

Since it's a f2p, I was wondering how many people were interested/downloaded the game so far?

The attack animations and graphics seem decently impressive since it's free and with a cosmetics-based business model, I think it should be fine in terms of the short term.

If it's enjoyable and (god-forbid) balanced without pay2win mechanics in the long term, we could even propose a SG event for this game since it's heavily team-focused.

Also somewhat reminds me of risk of rain 2.


Let me know all y'alls thoughts~!





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We played the shit out of this game its not new its always been open to download it just came to the Epic Games store so everyone is seeing it and saying its new. @Kyle @Paradox and @Dominic all of us use to grind it out a lot.


I forgot about @Exk and @Rhyzhe too.

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