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  1. Alex

    Hey I like your color G

  2. How are teams gonna get chosen here?
  3. Can you put me down for both? Apośtle#NA1
  4. Let my boy wavy IN
  5. Apośtle#NA1 sign me up for both
  6. Alex

    stupid bitch

    1. duffy


      UR GAY HA

    2. Alex



  7. Alex


  8. I have something coming up so I will not be available that day. My bad
  9. Sign me up for either or if you have a spot, im down to do both.
  10. flow_

    he green again. wot :poggers:

  11. Vs with the older people who use to play was stupid fun Ahoy smiley burger doodles all of them
  12. Do you have the ones with Smiley and Burger still? Im dumb
  13. Alex

    Rust Zerg Event!

    I might bring a couple friends @Kopsta
  14. Alex

    Rust Zerg Event!

    Just got get bps now @Janseen you still have a day