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Question of the day 5/27/19

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If You Had The Option To Know The Date And Circumstance Of Your Death, Would You?

It would undoubtedly affect the rest of your life, but for better or worse?


I would not. I would like to live a life full of wanderlust without the known date of my pending death. Knowing how and when will just stress tf me out and cause my to not enjoy life as much.


Send me question suggestions :)

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No, the paranoid would be insane. I would rather live my life without knowing my death and die peacefully then be paranoid for the whole time.

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I’d Rather Know The Date But Not The Circumstance. By Knowing The Date, I’ll Know Just How Much Life I Have To Live. For Example, Let’s Say That, God Forbid, Mr. Death Has Me Scheduled For My Senior Year Of High School Or My Last Year Of College. I’d Drop Out Now And Try To Live Life To The Fullest While I Can. Wouldn’t Want To Spend My Short Life Studying And In School If It’ll Never Pay Off. I’d Rather Hang Out With Friends And Travel With The Time I Have.

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yes cause whenever it is, i can predict when that is going to happen and can do what i want for the rest of my life knowing i wont die till that one day.

also if i knew how then i could accept it to myself that like damn either i made dumb choices or i was unlucky

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