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Serious discussion: body hair

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Why is it that women are expected to shave their body hair, but it's weird for guys to do the same.


I never understood why it was a weird thing to do. Honestly it feels great not having body hair.


Even advertising companies capitalize on that. You'll never see a male razor ad geared towards body hair.


Just seems weird to have it being a weird thing.

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i guess its the "being manly" aspect to have body hair for men, and it's more feminine for girls to not have body hair


idrk lol kinda just been the norm forever and the stereotype that men should have body hair and girls not

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I think the actual logical reason for this is because maintaining a shaved body as a man would be very hard if you grow a lot of hair. It's a fact that the average man grows a lot more hair than the average woman. With this in mind, it makes sense why men don't shave their bodies as much as women, but I guess that doesn't answer the question as to why women shave. The only reason I can really think of is because it just makes them look cleaner, and women are viewed as the more cleaner sex, and men are viewed as the *dirtier* sex. These are just social views of men and women, not necessarily my views of men and women, though I do agree that women that shave are more attractive than women that don't shave.


*When I said that men are the dirtier sex I meant like they aren't as well-kept as women when it comes to like hygiene and stuff.*

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Women look better without body hair ¯\_(?)_/¯


I wouldn't say that it's considered particularly odd if men shave their body hair. Many young male models, such as those in fashion ads (Abercrombie, American Eagle, Calvin Klein, etc.) often shave their body hair to look younger I believe. Although, men shaving their body hair is also often times considered effeminate as it's something that women do to look more attractive and doesn't serve andly particularly practical purposes unless you're a competitive swimmer.

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stereotype my ass lol wym no reason


how many normal women u see with hairy ass tits?


right because women grow hair on their tits...why is this even a comparison?


It is a stereotype and a sign of our current culture. Here you and others are saying that women only look beautiful or attractive...'cleaner' whatever the fuck you want to call it when they are virtually hairless on their body, yet before the 1900s women literally didn't shave.


Fact of the matter is that our culture is so deeply ingrained in us that we just think its natural to see beauty in a shaved woman, but in reality its just what we've been taught is the 'sexy thing' over years of commercials, shows, movies, porn, actors, magazines, parents, etc etc etc.


This is right up there with beards being in for men and what we now call 'pedostashes' being out, its just what culture and media has put up as the thing that 'looks good'.


.....gotta send some of you back to school I swear.....

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