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New Karma Tier? (TTT)

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Following the latest update to the TTT servers of damage being dropped 25%, that leads to an opportunity to have a karma tier 10 which basically gives one back the 25% lost. This will actually give a bigger purpose to have karma above 1k. Now obviously it wouldn't be a low karma level but higher so people would actually have to grind for it and follow the rules. Thoughts?

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I personally haven't run the numbers, but I feel as if TTT damage output is perfect at where it is at now. Any more damage given, no matter the karma tier may possibly lead to overkill, especially for players that are more skilled than the average player. The damage right now is pretty balanced for both unskilled/skilled players imo. Either way, I have had no trouble killing players or feel like I've been slaughtered in a matter of milliseconds.


Those who refuse to follow the rules or RDM enough to be below 1000 karma should suffer the penalty of reduced damage to deter them from further rule breaking, and tbh if it's harder for them to kill other players, I'm completely happy with that.

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There is a new karma tier (since karma was implemented back in what 2016? 17?), but it's only for the elite players of the server or the ATs who are lazy and don't like karma contests...


I call it...






max karma. Have fun not rdming.

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