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USP Removal

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I personally think that the USP-S is useless in the Detective and T menu. Since the AWP and M4A1S cannot be found around any of the maps. They should be able to be bought from the T and Detective menu. But you can find the USP-S in most maps. And it doesn't help when you are detective you sometimes fat finger the USP instead of a Taser.

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The USP-S is a more mobile and "hidden" gun than an m4a1-s since it spawns on the map and is a silenced pistol. I don't see a point in removing it because if you can use it correctly in a large crowd, you'll get lots of kills opposed to just gunning people down in hallways. It's a pick your poison and good luck.

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As a gun that can be picked up on the map, it doesn't offer any realistic advantage that would suit the detective role. I'd also wager that there's more players fatfinger buying it then intentionally buying it in place of a taser or other more useful detective items.


On the T side, however, I think it's worth keeping. While there is merit to the argument that it's much less valuable than the m4a1s for the same price, that would be better solved with more granular price adjustment (eg cash @Im Sad ;)). It's still a valuable part of the T arsenal, especially if the m4a1s was to be considered KOS in the future.

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Just one item off the menu so they can't get it? Not all map have a usp-s or p2000 spawn... whichever one you have equipped. It's a good weapon to use as stealth and can be better than the m4a1-s at crucial times. So it's being kept.


and no to the cash system...

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