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Random Question of the Day [7-28-2019]

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If you could, by sheer miracle, master any ONE and ONLY ONE skill in the world (i.e play a guitar, drive a car, learn to multitask, flip a goddamn pancake), what would you learn?




yes, I am still doing these questions at random intervals, I'm just on a really good roll tonight

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Football or tennis. Tennis cause I’ve played the sport for years, football cause it’s fun to play and it’s good money in the nfl.

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Multitasking, pretty weird but let me explain. I want to be a jack of all trades instead of a master of one as I don’t really desire to master anything to a point where I’m unrivaled but I do desire to learn a lot of stuff in such a small amount of time to where I’m familiar with almost everything i do and I think that mastering the Art of doing multiple things at once will help in my pursuit of that.

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