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  1. wowwwww, was not expecting at all to get this, I feel honored and thx for all the thanks guys!!!!!!
  2. EricTheClown

  3. y'all rly hating on anime, its a shame
  4. I need some new games to play, I enjoy playing games like cs go but I can’t play it as much as I used to, it comes to a point that it isn’t weird for me to play like one retake game and then get off right afterwards and try to find something else to do. I really need a new game to play and I hope this thread can lead me to a game I can enjoy again.
  5. So what your saying is that I can now virtually stalk people
  6. Knives out: really fun murder mystery movie to watch, if your itching for one of those, I 100% recommend it, also it came out last year so it’s relatively new and also has Chris Evans which is always a bonus.
  7. woah, a pesonal skin sounds super intresting, sad I dont have the same drive to play TTT for that long though so good luck to everyone and if you do win, get the most anime model you could find, that would be hilarious.
  8. I need people to play sumo with for the charity stream and I have 14 slots open for anyone who wants to join, dm me on discord or this site if you're interested in joining, keep in mind we'll be playing from 10:30 pm-12:00 am and it'll be on Twitch, but it's a mature stream meaning we can use profanity but nothing too extreme, so no n bombs, or the like, just be smart about what you say. Also, try to notify me you want to play at least before the stream starts at 12 pm on the 18th, and add your rockstar username so I can add you, and if you want to add me, my username is codghostwe. If your playing I will be inviting you to a discord server to organize everything. Thx for the read.
  9. EwicTheGamew for Media Team

  10. I'm not good at chess at all, so connect four is what I would want to play just to have a chance at winning at least a round, though I feel chess is a more exciting thing to watch, but that's honestly up to what the sg community would rather participate or watch.
  11. Yeah, connect four is also an event that could be played for those who aren’t too familiar with chess.
  12. I noticed a lot of members on discord playing chess a lot recently and was wondering if a type of chess event would be a nice idea to do. Maybe something like a chess tournament, or something of the like.