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  1. he’s hot


  2. Late to the show so I can’t join a team but nevertheless gonna show my support for #TeamMG
  3. wowwwww, was not expecting at all to get this, I feel honored and thx for all the thanks guys!!!!!!
  4. y'all rly hating on anime, its a shame
  5. woah, a pesonal skin sounds super intresting, sad I dont have the same drive to play TTT for that long though so good luck to everyone and if you do win, get the most anime model you could find, that would be hilarious.
  6. I need people to play sumo with for the charity stream and I have 14 slots open for anyone who wants to join, dm me on discord or this site if you're interested in joining, keep in mind we'll be playing from 10:30 pm-12:00 am and it'll be on Twitch, but it's a mature stream meaning we can use profanity but nothing too extreme, so no n bombs, or the like, just be smart about what you say. Also, try to notify me you want to play at least before the stream starts at 12 pm on the 18th, and add your rockstar username so I can add you, and if you want to add me, my username is codghostwe. If your playing I will be inviting you to a discord server to organize everything. Thx for the read.
  7. EwicTheGamew for Media Team

  8. Yo so hear me out, what if T-Rooms were to cost one credit to enter, here’s my reasoning. T-Rooms are an extremely useful tool for hiding, getting kills, and maneuvering around the map in a quick and stealthy fashion. They are a hub for many T’s to use and abuse, so I feel they need a bit of a nerf for the advantages that it brings. Making T-rooms cost one credit to enter brings possibilities for teamwork and also a decreased chance of camping T’s. While yes, teamwork is an extremely rare thing for TTT, it could become more common if T’s are willing to sacrifice their one credit for their fellow T’s to enter, that extra credit also makes it a bigger challenge for T’s to camp T-Rooms since they would no longer be able to head into T-Rooms at the beginning of the round and still have the credits to buy an AWP without either working with a teammate or putting the effort themselves in order to get the extra credit to buy the AWP. But of course, every benefit that the T-Room brings could theoretically be denied by an experienced player who knows the ins and outs of the T-Rooms, but for any newer or more casual players, which are the majority of the player base, T-room is something they abuse, or something they get abused by so I feel for a less toxic meta, making T-rooms cost a credit would help the game feel fairer and promote good-natured styles of play.
  9. Good candidate for ugly bastard role