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CloseQuarters 24/7

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Not a great idea. CloseQuarters is decent map but you are forgetting about other people. Not everyone likes closequarters and would like to play other maps as well. Playing that map 24/7 would just bore the whole game when it is just the constant map that keeps running and running. Also, as an admin, I do not enjoy admining on a map 24/7 that is just a tight space where people can easily get RDMED and get away with it. I’m not saying that happens all the time, but in a 24/7 server it might. For the map being so small, too many things happen at once and it’s really hard to keep up. I think we should stick to how we already manage the servers and play closequarters whenever it pops up in the vote section.

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I get the fact that people like it, but a 24/7 server of close quarters would be horrendous. People would get tired of playing the same map every single minute and the server would be absolutely barren.


Also if we did this for TTT everyone would be asking for 24/7 servers of a map on their respective server...


24/7 viking warfare? @Cept For Her @ThRza

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As you can see by the number of thanks on my post and other people's responses we have decided to get rid of ttt_closequarters for good. Better luck next time.

Just kidding... The map is staying on the server due to popularity but that making it 24/7. Any map longer than two hours would not be fun. except surf_summer

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