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  1. Sprint is one of the most underrated items on TTT and I am shocked people haven't caught on to this yet. It's extremely hard to try and shoot someone when they have sprint toggled. Having Innocents able to buy this for 50 credits is way to low and I feel should be raised in credits or removed. Innocents shouldn't be reviving credits for ID'ing bodies. They should only get credits when killing T's. Detective Health Station should be raised from 100-->150 and Detective Sprint should be raised from 25-->50. Wasn't sure if USP's were removed from maps or not but if they were, the cost should be increased from 50-->100. When I say "should be" I just mean this is my opinion, I'm not trying to tell you what to do. Just wanted to clear that up.
  2. All the answers to your questions can be found in the change log
  3. With the way the karma values are set up, it'll be very rare for someone to get banned by the auto ban system. If someone were to actually get that low in karma they shouldn't be on the server at all. The ban should be raised to a least a minimum of three days. Just to show you what I mean: You start with 300 karma and lose 10 every time you kill an innocent Lets say you only get innocent rounds the entire map. You RDM three people each round. You can do that for 10 ROUNDS before ultimately getting banned. That's pretty much a full map played of you rdming every round and that's not including an occasional t round where your can bring your karma back up. I'd suggest lowering the starting karma to 100-150 as it would provide actual help if no admins were on.
  4. Why do you think other servers have banned nulls? They want a level playing field for ALL players. Sure, nulls are obviously no where near as strong as tb's/autostrafing but it still gives an advantage, it might be slight but it's still an advantage. As for the player count, it's expected. I'm sure any other server that decided null's were a no no knew the same "risks" as well. But hey, if almost all servers have nulls banned what's the point of switching?
  5. Fair points I suppose. It's a good idea but I'm still sticking with that this item shouldn't be added. You're pretty much making it a second traitor tester. As soon as people would catch on to how OP this item is it'll be a round by round theme of line up and cross my mine. And considering it's only 75 credits, the detective doesn't even have to earn it. I advocate for skill to be most important, and adding this will just drop the skill level even more than it already has. One more thing, I want you to look at a stat. Go to Stats, TTT, Maps, you can see the % of T/Innocent wins on each map. Innocent's and Detectives don't need any more advantages.
  6. I feel like you severely overestimate the amount of coordination and influence detectives/players have on TTT. Adding more detective orders would cause more confusion and a LOT more clarification. Lets say a detective decides to place one of these mines in the middle of a congested closequarters map and an oblivious T walks over it. Whats going to happen to the innocents around? Will they die? It'll cause plenty of unneeded RDM.
  7. Grats @Toasty@crazedkangaroo
  8. Sully

    New styles

    We shouldn't be trying to turn the MG server into a second Bhop Server. The main, most played styles were added and imo is plenty. Honestly we should be shying away from more course ideas and courses in general but like I said, my opinion.
  9. No matter what you do in this situation it'll end up with someone being upset. Obviously if you wipe the server all legit times will be gone, but if you don't all the cheated and or null/ab times will stay. I particularly played on bhop a lot so I could get my 50% completion award. I'm not sure with the new forums there are any awards but we'll see. I'm assuming that if you wipe the server everyone's completion % will also drop to 0 as well. It's a little disheartening and like you said, a slap on the face but I wouldn't mind seeing a fresh bhop server. I would like to see some kind of meeting for this as it would be a lot easier to communicate thoughts but that's up to you guys.
  10. Even if you were to remove autohop, it'll still become knife frenzy. The only thing it'll do is separate the good from the bad even more than it already is. I suggest getting rid of the ability to access the knife, and actually making it an awp only map.
  11. What I've noticed over the past two or three months are admins that don't do their job. I understand that admins are player's like everybody else, but you made an application and were accepted for a reason. If you don't do your job, then why are you holding the title? I understand your frustration completely, and something should be changed. Oh, and for the AT's/BD's, you might want to start watching your admins, they tend to favor their friend's over the rules.