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  1. Player's name: Clark Map: bhop_bedtime Style: Low grav, bonus normal, bonus lowgrav Any Additional Information: Autostrafe
  2. Any chance we can go back to the og supertower? It was a very popular map that often times filled the server. With the steamgamers edition being a replacement, it just doesn't appeal to people who want to play the map.
  3. Ah that’s my bad. I do however have to agree with Gentoo. Why do we need a whole rank for discord moderation when the CA rank exists? Part of their responsibilities include moderation of the forums so why not make it both the forums and discord? I highly doubt our community is going to gain attraction solely based on the fact that we have a rank dedicated to moderating the discord. It seems like the rank is just taking up space.
  4. Wasn’t the whole premise of this post about restructuring and removing ranks? Why would we add a totally separate rank for something that could be done by any admin?
  5. The problem with that is no one is going to manually go through each record and remove it. So we go back to the age old question, will there be a server wipe of all records? The SM of this server should comment their opinion about this because it was highly debatable when occurring on the bhop server. While it was more based around cheated, tb’s, and null use times, the same concept still applies here. Maybe a fresh server wipe will generate more people? You never know.
  6. I don’t like it. Yeah it was a nice feeling going back to the same LE rank I belonged to years ago, but it still doesn’t change the major skill gap in matches. A buddy of mine who’s stayed in between silver and gold nova even before the the rank update years ago, is now LEM. He doesn’t belong there and can potentially ruin matches purely because he doesn’t have the skill to be there. Right now high rank competitive matches are a mix of players who actually belong there, and elo-inflated gold novas who got a free carry on their rank up game. I hope that with time, those low elo players get flushed out of high rank games. However, it’s too soon to know exactly what’ll happen.
  7. Player's name: po'd up double cup Map: bhop_atom Style: normal, sideways, w-only, scoll, 400 velo, a-only, low grav, slowmo, third person, quake Any Additional Information: Opti
  8. T-bait as been an endless discussion within the TTT community for a while now. Multiple rules changes and updates have taken place within the last year or two solely based on what you can and cannot do in terms of T-baiting. I personally have always hated T-baiting, but you really just have to learn to live with it. Chances are if someone is T-baiting you they either want you to shoot back because they know you're a T, or because they're bored and want to annoy you. Hey, if they want to shoot at you, shoot them back, kill them for it. It's completely justified. You can't be called KOS for it either because that's against the rules. Making the Detective T-Bait rule susceptible to all players would cause nightmares. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure there was a very similar rule that was in place when @Greggy G was managing the server. From what I remember, it wasn't a good time. If true, the innocent that you mentioned in your original post would get dealt with by admins.
  9. Sully

    Rest easy bud

  10. It's possible to see, you just need to keep an eye out for it. If you see an orange stuck to someone's back I'd safely assume it was a breach charge.
  11. Here's an idea to get the server rolling again, toss course. Very simple, very effective. There's a reason why we only have an average player count of three. I rarely touch the server now because it's 24/7 course but I'm not an idiot, it's pretty clear it doesn't populate the server. I am still dumbfounded as to how we let our population migrate to GFL and Karma, all in the name of course. Adding new styles won't do anything. If the popular ones don't fill the server, the shitty one's wont either.
  12. I'm pretty sure I talked about this before. Is there not a way to disable the knife? The map itself rarely gets played due to a combination of things, one being the fact that there is no autohop. Like I said previously it's a dead game-mode without it.
  13. Can we get autobhop re-added back to awp multigames? It's fairly boring without it.
  14. Full map name: ttt_kaer_morhen_v1 What server is this suggestion for? TTT Link to map download: Additional information: Map was just recently made, looks pretty cool. Screenshots attached:
  15. Do the challenges with a shit ton of kills involved, like MG or TF2, do they have to be within one map or can it span throughout the whole week?