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SG's Favorite Admin Contest 2019 - Round 3 - Group #3  

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  1. 1. SG's Favorite Admin Contest 2019 - Round 3 - Group #3

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SG's Favorite Admin Contest 2019 - Round 3 - Group #3

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Dropping this bit of info before i get a pack of hitmen coming after me but.....




@Strayyz recently just purchased my £2500 offer to vote for him. Hopefully he won’t know that I’m using this money to not vote for him and in fact vote for @eXtr3m3

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So I was on my way home from taking a final today, and it was a shitty day not gonna lie. I have to take 1 bus ride and 1 train ride to get home from my prestigious, art school. I am on my way to the first bus and there is a ton of cars at the intersection, well, that's literally every street in Manhattan. That's besides the point. So I start walking down to the next street and a taxi makes a sharp left turn and the car jabs me in the ribs. I fling 5 ft backward asking myself "What the fuck?" and everyone is rushing to this 5'5 high-school student laying on the street ground just thinking about kick'n it. But while I was laying there I couldn't help but to realize, literally every person on SG wouldn't be surprised I'd be dead. I took those moments to realize I am a fucking 15 year old who can't even make people online like me, when I really thought about it, not a lot of people like me. Is it because I am annoying, I mean I don't technically mean to be. I mean I could list 3 people right now that would be glad that I am dead. So I got up, ignored everyone, and just kept walking with a heavily bused side, all the way home. Once I came home, I played SG/did the giveaway, told my mom, and she took me to a doctor, the doctor said I only had 1 bused rib that should be gone in a few days, but when I returned I didn't want to play SG, I just wanted to change my image in the SG community, and the first thing I did to do that was by making this post.

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