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Jailbreak Community Meeting!

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Jailbreak Community Meeting


Date/Time: Saturday, September 21st - 5:00PM EST


Place: TeamSpeak - ts.steam-gamers.net


It's been quite a while since our last community meeting, so obviously one is in order. We've gone through quite a few management changes, made some server changes, and overall need to address some things. Our goal for this meeting is to understand what needs to be done, what you guys want changed or added and where our priorities should be with getting it all completed.





- Introduction

- Management Changes

- Administration

- Voice Communication Issues

- Plugin Revisions / Additions

- Extending Round Time

- Recent Events and Future Events

- General Rule Discussion / Concerns

- Q&A/Open Floor


Feel free to discuss things here or suggest things to add to the agenda.


Hope to see you all there!


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I don't work tomorrow so I should be able to attend. I know I don't play JB that much but it wouldn't hurt to hear everyone's thoughts and ideas on How to improve the server.

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I was but got silenced by @Montag



Thanks for the meeting guys, I’m super excited for all the new things discussed and can’t wait. I should be able to upload the audio when I get home later tonight (around 1AM EST).


beat you too it cuck https://www.buzzsprout.com/615634/1745824-sg-jb-meeting-9-21-19.mp3?blob_id=5085937&download=true

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