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TTT Halloween Event 2019

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TTT Halloween 2019


We’re coming closer to the end of October which means we're almost to Halloween! We’ve decided to hold another Halloween event for you guys to enjoy during the spookiest time of the year. There will be a 2x credit multiplier for the entire duration of the event.


We’ll be adding these Halloween Exclusive Maps: ttt_spookycobble, ttt_haunts_sg, and ttt_deadfarm_sg.





October 18th - November 1st



Trouble in Terrorist Town -


Halloween Models:

VIP Skins














Subscriber Skins

Venom Snake











Public Skin

Michael Myers








Karma Contest:

Don't worry guys, we haven't forgotten about the karma contests. We're bringing it back for the duration of the event, however, it's gonna work a little different than before. This time around, we'll be basing it off of who can get the most karma from one map rotation. All you have to do is take a screenshot of the highest karma you reached during that map, and submit it in this thread. There will be a format under this post that you'll use to submit your entry. Prizes will be as follows:


1st Place: 5,000 Credits + cNZWJpO.png


2nd Place: 2,000 Credits + ZTIgiPb.png


3rd Place: 1,000 Credits + DxNst2l.png


Best of luck!


Huge thanks to @nick for the awesome banner and @Zayne for helping me with the event!

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Karma Contest Submission

What is your in-game name?

What is your STEAM ID?

Amount of karma for submission:

Screenshot of karma



Submissions can be done in this manner:

(quote the post replace the "" and delete the QUOTE tags)


If you get a higher karma, don't make a new entry, just edit your post.

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Every last round on each map, it goes to the fading scoreboard and then it switches to the next map, but it doesn't include your current round earned karma. So you could have murdered 20 innocents as a T on last round and have that karma not count. Any possible fix?

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