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If one ct pardons you can the others kill you?

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So this has happened to me a few times but if one ct pardons me can the others kill you? Because imagine your in a scenario where you're in armory with a awp and you ask for a pardon and then you get one then get sprayed down by another ct. Idk because I've been told both things.

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cts dont have to respect pardons. this applies to killing a ct, having a primary, winning an lr and any other circumstance you would be kos in. if a ct wants to they can pardon you and if for some reason every other ct isnt kill hungry for once you can be pardoned but it is kinda rare.

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CTs do not have to honor pardons or promises to rebelling Ts.


Straight from the the JB rules and FAQ that can be found here if you have anymore questions regarding a few situations or rules.

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