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get rid of the no forced deathgame rule in jb

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Here are the current rules concerning forced deathgames.


• CTs cannot force a death-game when there are 4 or less Ts alive. CTs must, to the best of their ability, cease the death-game if it gets to this number.

• CTs cannot force a death-game before the clock hits 2:30.

• CTs can only force the Ts to play a death-game for 45 seconds at a time.

• CTs can only force map made death-games. The map made death-game must give the Ts a reasonable chance to live.

• CTs must allow the map death-game to function as intended and must not interfere at all.

• CTs must let the map made death-game do the damaging/killing. CTs cannot use forced death-games to gain points from kills.


I believe you may be understanding what people mean when they say "no forced deathgames" they probably mean that the map time doesn't meet the requirements for a deathgame yet.


If you mean that these should be scrapped completely and CTs should be able to force deathgames then you may have an argument there. However, afaik the JB team is in no way looking to allow full forced deathgames as that's not how our server is, historically, and probably never will be.

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I merged your threads together since they were the same exact question. Please refrain from posting the same question in two different subforums, thanks.

Would also help you if put more in your post to prompt discussion... please think about this before posting next time.

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If you are speaking of the rule that makes it where you can only force map made deathgames past 2:30 then that is there so the round does not end within the first minute and gives the Ts a chance to rebel and actually play the game.

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