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Add a hide and seek server :)

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I don't think a hide and seek server would do very well. We had an MGT a while back, and while it was fun from time to time the server was empty for most hours of the day. However, I know a good amount of people who really enjoyed the event so maybe it could return as an event again.

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I think it would be a terrible idea


Servers that normally start up are very popular for a week because it’s something new. But after a while it gets repetitive and boring and people stop playing it. The server ends up barely pulling an average of like 3 players... multiple servers end up being like this... 1v1, Minecraft, Retakes, etc... servers that SG have tried but don’t pull numbers like TTT and JB do. Hide and Seek doesn’t seem like a strong game mode that would have an established community. TTT has an established community that has well known players that play it often, just like JB because it’s a game people want to play. If there isn’t a high demand for hide and seek I say no.

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As a server I don't think that would work but as an event I think that would be great. There have been hide and seek events that have done well in the past and I would love to see another one some time soon.

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