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ZE Director's Cut Event

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Thanks to @urp for editing my banner and to @Trazz for trying to make minor changes to my post and giving me a headache


ZE Director's Cut Event



Come join ZE on Sunday the 5th, grab your popcorn and grab the butter cause we’re gonna be playing some maps that are based around movies. These aren’t just any old ordinary movies, these are considered to be one of the best of its time. You’ve got Indiana Jones, storm troopers, and Captain Jack Sparrow, there isn’t any reason for you not to join.




Where will this be at?




Time / Date:


Sunday, January 5th

7:00 PM EST / 4:00 PM PST / 6:00 PM CST









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We had some difficulties here and there, but we pulled through and it was a overall fun time. The shear amount of people on ZE before the event even started was mindbogglingly and I hope that we can keep on moving forward with this many players on everyday. Thank you to everyone who helped plan the event and most importantly those who participated in the event cause without you guys this event wouldn't have been possibly or as fun and as enjoyable. LETS GET SG ZE TO RANK 1!





Side Note: If you would like to see any future events on certain map(s) or you have any general event ideas, please post a thread HERE so we can review it and maybe make it possible.

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