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Member of the Month - December

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Hello everyone,


It's time to introduce our Member of the Month for December! The Member of the Month award is given to a member that has gone above and beyond in a particular month to better the community and deserves special recognition for the work and effort they've put in. We don't give this out often, so when we do you know that the person is most definitely deserving of it. The recipient of this award will receive the following badge on the forums:




This person truly earned this award for the work they put in during the month of December. On top of his in-game activity, his forum activity has been phenomenal. He's given some strong input on a multitude of threads including map suggestions, rule discussions, and overall ideas for our servers. Plus, his Santa hat volunteer work was pretty cool.


Please join me in congratulating @crazedkangaroo as the recipient of this esteemed award!

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