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I personally have a Razer Chroma Cynosa. Its a cheaper RGB keyboard and I've had it for a year and 2 months now and its great. It functions as a keyboard believe it or not, and of course it has the true gamer RGB lights. You can create macros, customize RBG lights and uh.. well type. In my opinion its a great budget RGB keyboard, I've had no problems with it for over a year now.

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TBH, im not too fond of keys that are like CLICKY CLICKY wake up neighbors at 3am.


Blue's come with the most pre-travel of any tactile/clicky switch, so if you want it to actuate later you'll have to look into linear switches like reds. These won't have any sort of bump and will just compress smoothly, which takes some getting used to. There's plenty of RGB TKL keyboards out there with Reds, but if you want some a little more specific, I'd recommend Glorious' keyboards as they come hotswappable, allowing you to put in whatever switches cater to your needs.

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