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  1. Dom

    o7 take care dawg

  2. This event is canceled due to lack of participants
  3. Event is starting in 20 minutes!
  4. Bump for the people who may have missed it the event is on Thursday so be ready!!!
  5. THX FOR THE BANNER @thuxys The Forest Event The Forest is a survival horror game where you are the only survivor of a plane crash. You find yourself on an island inhabited by mutant cannibals. You can build, craft, hunt and explore the world while fighting off enemies that are lurking in the forest around you. For the most part, it will be pretty relaxed as we won't be trying to beat the game as fast as possible. The focus will be more on exploring, maybe starting a small town or building some giant structure. Hope to see everyone there. When July 2nd@ 8:00 PM EST Where Add Dom or Me on steam and you will get an invite on the day of the event While you're here you might as well join our Steam Group!
  6. Wreck makes the best admin vs member events no cuappp
  7. Nugget

    RETAKE 5V5

    More nades equal more babes
  8. Event is over Thank you for everyone coming out and playing. It was a lot of fun
  9. Bump!! Event is tomorrow!!!!!!
  10. Shoutout to @nesquik for the banner When? Sunday, June 14th @ 8:00pm EST How Do I Join? Please join this Crew to get in on the action! All you have to do is get on GTA V after you join the crew during the event and you'll get an invite (the crew will go back to being invite only after the event) If the crew doesn't work out please add me through social club. My username is NuggetAC! How Do I Play? If you do not know how to play Sumo, we basically get to choose a certain choice of cars and all you have to do is get into a circle that will appear on the map and stay inside of it. You can eliminate people by simply hitting them with your car, making them leave the circle. Where is this event going to be hosted? This event will be hosted in our official Discord in the Events Channel! While you are here, you might as well join our steam group!