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What happened to my gang?

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I was on Jailbreak when I got home from school and was screwing around with my gang and it’s commands. I had an extra space 9/10 so invite Rawmondz and Matt to see if they wanted to join. Rawmondz didn’t know the gang leave command so I was screwing around with it. I found it /gleave. But it said you can’t leave as the gang owner. I am or atleast I was the leader of the gang Overkill we had 8009 points and we were number one. It still says we are on the leaderboard by the way. Throughout the entire process I didn’t actually leave my gang of disband it. I’m pretty upset since I have spent a lot of time on this server/gang and it all got wiped a few hours later. The members were Me Rawmondz Hotshot Chad Steven Universe Rayman That1Under and a few others I forgot. I’m kind of confused because it still says it’s the top gang with 8009 points but when I do !gang it says look in chat on how to create a gang. I don’t know if I disbanded or what actually happened. I think a similar case happened to TheZZL if I’m not mistaken. This problem has occurred on the Summer Jail map and the nicer version of Razor Go.

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Date: Noticed 1/31/20

Map: Not important, ba_jail_electric_revamp_f2

Number of people: Not important, ~30

Any errors or unusual messages displayed in console or in game chat: No

Additional Information:


My gang, Professional (Which no one else was in) kicked me out of it. I typed !gang and it said I was not in a gang. I tried to type !gang Professional to re-create it and it said that name was already in use. I went to the gang top list and it showed my gang there. Not sure what happened, but I joined someone else's gang for now.




Sorry I'm five days Late ZZL but when I joined Electric Revamp F2 it did the same thing to me at first. I think your gang could've been glitched to show that it's not there and stuff. It happened to me and I freaked out a bit since it would just be flat out annoying. Unless you got your gang back you probably shouldn't have left it unless it kicked you automatically. The quick fix for me was that I just closed it waited for the map to restart and then I just left and joined back and it was fine. Sorry to hear you lost your gang and I hope the problem gets fixed as soon as possible. Good Luck in the future and in fixing the problem. BTW, there seems to be many problems with Electric Revamp F2 I feel as if we need to look into the map and its features a little bit or even talk about it in the next community meeting. :)


Previous gangs kicking leaders problems^

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