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TTT Prison Breakout - Karma Contest

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Special thanks to @BoM for this awesome banner!

Karma Contest


Welcome to this month's TTT Karma Contest! It will be the same as the previous where screenshots of your karma is required in the provided format. But what is different about this one is the 1st place prize.


Winner of this karma contest will have the chance to select their own model to use until the next karma contest that occurs. Would highly suggest for those interested to have the download link of their suggested model ready at the end so the reward could come with little delay.



March 11 - April 11








1st Place: cNZWJpO.png + Requested Model and 5000 credits


2nd Place: ZTIgiPb.png + 1 month of Subscriber and 3000 credits


3rd Place: DxNst2l.png + 2000 credits



Event Models:

VIP Skins













Subscriber Skins












Public Skin







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Karma Contest Submission

What is your in-game name?

What is your STEAM ID?

Amount of karma for submission:

Screenshot of karma



Submissions can be done in this manner:

(quote the post replace the "" and delete the QUOTE tags)


If you get a higher karma, don't make a new entry, just edit your post.

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This event is being postponed for now due to necessary changes needing to be made first. The date for the start of this event will be changed and re-announced soon. Sorry for the confusion.

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The event is back on and karma has been reverted to the previous values in the meantime.


The Karma Contest will now occur from March 11 - April 11!


Have fun!

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